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PostSubject: Races   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:27 pm

There are four races in this rp, and your character must fit into one. The options are: Human, Werewolf, Demon and Half-breed.

Humans, out of all the races, experience the widest range of emotions. They are also the most technologically advanced, creating new weapons every day, and this helps them in their fight against the demons. Humans are also studying demons and, using the information they are gleaning, trying to replicate their powers for human use.

Werewolves have been co-existing peacefully with humans, although some tensions may have been unreported. They possess superstrength and superspeed, however, their superstrength is only activated once they transform. Werewolves can transform at will, but at the full moon they are unable to control their actions if caught by moonlight. The wounds of a werewolf can heal very quickly, though not if they are struck with silver.

Demons live seperately from humans and werewolves in a location they have named Asgard. Whereas Humans and Werewolves tend to speak English, the language most frequently used by demons is Latin. All demons have bloodthirsty and savage natures, though a very small amount of them are not evil. There are 4 kinds of demons, the list is as follows:


Vampires are feared amongst humans for their bloodlust. A vampire is rarely able to resist human blood, and their methods of killing are extremely violent. Vampires often kill their prey, although they may allow a few to survive and be transformed into vampires, where they are doomed to spend an eternity as slaves, fighting for the side of the demons. Vampires, like werewolves, have superstrength. They are agile, although not as fast as werewolves. All Vampires have evolved to become almost immune to sunlight, though if they stay outside in the full glare of the sun for too long their flesh will start to fall off. Vampires, contrary to popular belief, are completely immune to the cross, the utterance of any biblical or religious passages. The weaknesses of a vampire include fire, silver, garlic and holy water. Holy water is very difficult to obtain, but garlic can be purchased almost anywhere. Garlic interferes with a vampire's senses and can give you the few minutes you need to escape. Vampires do not sparkle in the sunlight.


Beasts are cursed beings; one-part human and one-part animal. The transformation has turned them into demonic creatures and therefore, they are able to use magic. There are infinite variations of Beasts, Centaurs/Kentaurides occur commonly, though other types can be found such as a half-human/half-fly mix. Strengths/Weaknesses depend on the animal you have chosen to mix with. PM an admin, first asking if the animal you have chosen is suitable. They will respond ASAP with information about the hybrid you have chosen and the strengths/weaknesses. Not all hybrids will be accepted, so please respect the admin's decisions.


Serpents are demons who are able to switch between three forms. They can morph into their true demonic appearance, disguise themselves as humans and transform into large snakes, hence the name. Serpents are the only demons (besides a few hybrids) who have the power of flight. Their wings extend from their shoulder blades and they can fly for hours at a time. Their wings are fragile, so if shot they will most likely die falling from such a great height. If a serpent's wings are broken, they lose the ability to fly and will have to pay a lot of money to be cured. Serpents are quite strong, though they focus their efforts on improving and utilising their ferocious magic abilities to the best of their power. Transforming into their snake form grants Serpents increased strength and speed, though this drains a lot of magic, and the Serpent will fall unconcious after 3 minutes.


These demons are most famous for their seductive powers. Humans are especially weak to the charm and beauty of Succubi/Incubi. They are lured into an almost hypnotic state, unable to defend themselves, and are usually slaughtered. These demons are also very powerful in terms of strength, though their agility is on par with a human's. There are ways around being seduced, however these are costly. Vampires, Titans, those experiencing true love with a single partner and Werewolves are immune to a Succubus/Incubus' seduction powers.


The most powerful beings to exist on the planet, over 14ft tall. A titan's body is made from the rocks of hell itself, harder than diamonds. Magma runs through their veins and, if made to bleed, they will most likely burn the person who caused them the damage. They are extremely powerful, and their magical abilities are devastating, especially their use of fire. There are only three Titans known to exist in Asgard and they are all responsible for ruling the land and organising attacks against humans. All demons respect and acknowledge the Titans as their supreme leaders and if any demon dares to critcise them, they will never be heard from again. There is only one Titan available to rp as, if you are interested contact an admin.


Half-breeds are the spawn of demons/human. Werewolves can not breed with any other races. Only a select few types of demons can breed with humans; Serpents, Succubi/Incubi and Titans. Half-breeds are generally unaccepted by both sides and are mostly social outcasts. Half-breeds have only been known to stay with demons, as humans would consider them a threat and have them executed immediately. Half-breeds are ridiculed constantly by demons and face a lot of prejudice and discrimination for being 'inferior'.

Human and Succubus/Incubus half-breed: They will possess unearthly beauty, though they will not be able to perform the magical type of seduction a Succubus/Incubus can. These half-breeds are often more powerful and much faster than their demon parents.

Human and Serpent half-breed: They will inherit the power of flight from their demon parent. Their strength and speed can rival that of a Vampire's, though their use of magic is limited compared to that of a pure Serpent. They are also unable to transform into snakes, and their demonic form is almost completely similiar to their normal human form.

Human and Titan half-breed: Unknown.


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