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 Diary of an Outcast

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Kyo Fornita

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PostSubject: Diary of an Outcast   Mon Mar 16, 2009 12:14 am


"First Journal entry. December 26th. 2019.

My name is Kyo Fornita. I am a half-breed. My mother was a human, and my father was a serpent. I was not born a product of love, or from the will to create a healthy, happy family. My father was a greatly feared general of the demon army. High-class. The kind of demon who commanded respect. He was a ruthless, vile, soulless creature, one of the most gruesome beings to ever exist, so I've been told. I have never met the man myself. My mother was an innocent human, lost and wandering for help in the wastelands. It was my father who found her first. Lusting for her beauty, he knocked her unconcious and dragged her into the woods, where she was subjected to a brutal and humiliating rape. Instead of ending her misery, the man left her and departed to Asgard, presumably laughing in hysterics whilst my mother cried. Naked. Bleeding. Bruised. Now in need of help more than ever. It came in the form of a pack of half-breeds known as the Hunters. Originally, they wanted to kill her, but she explained her predicament and, knowing that another half-breed would be born, they gave her shelter, food and clothes.

My mother died during childbirth and the Hunters took care of me after burying her, raising me as a warrior. They taught me to perfect my fighting skills, how to combat with weapons and special tactics they had created to kill anyone with a single move. I explored the world on my own as soon as I was old enough, at the age of 15. I stayed in Asgard for many years, looking for my father, but I never found him. The demons in Asgard were extremely hostile to my kind, and so I lived in paranoia, a young boy trying to survive in a city full of cold-blooded killers. My time with the demons taught me how to suppress my emotions in such a way that I have lost contact with my mother, with my human side.

I have heard many stories about human nature. About kindness, and something else, which the humans call love. An emotion so deep no one is able to describe it accurately. I have moved to Chicago, clinging underneath a biohazardous chemicals truck. Will have to warn the humans about their security. The city of humans is a well-kept place, and it is here I shall find out what my mother wanted me to become."


'You people don't understand. I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me.'
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Diary of an Outcast
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