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PostSubject: Inventories   Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:35 pm

You must post your inventory in the inventories section.

Each character will start with 500 dollars to spend in any store they are permitted to buy in (Humans can not purchase anything from a demon shop and vice-versa).

Everyone besides demons able to cast magic has a choice between three free start-up weapons. You may choose either brass knuckles, a dagger or a baseball bat.

Selected demons who can perform magic will be given one free magic spell, either the use of; water, fire or lightning. Staying with the site for 2 months and being an active member will gain you another free spell. Alternatively, magic spells can be bought in a demon shop.

Every character also has a choice between owning a diary or a tape recorder. This is what you will record your character journal with.

Whenever you buy something from the store, you must subtract the cost of the item from your total money in your inventory. Failure to keep your inventory up-to-date will result in warnings.


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