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 Dusty Tape Recorder

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PostSubject: Dusty Tape Recorder   Sun Apr 12, 2009 3:18 am

An old tape recorder lays on the floor. It holds more information than a human's mind could ever contemplate in one sitting. A cold and enticing, yet rambling and worry-filled voice is revealed when the play button is pressed, and it speaks in Latin.

"My name is Abaddon; no one knows about this tape recorder. No one knows me. It is January 14th, 2019.

In my nearly thirty-five hundred years, I have never seen anything like this. Earth is more like hell than hell itself. Races have been mingling. Half-breeds befriend humans like nothing. Werewolves guard the only city with a population above 10. It's been harder to find sustenance, but in my age I find it easier to hold my hunger for longer periods of time. My thoughts are filled with hate for the humans and for their God. This present situation has been reason enough to bring about questions that I had once suppressed a long time ago: If it's impossible for me to die, what would happen if the world were to end? Would demons be the only survivors? I know close to nothing about my enemy counterpart, only that they cannot fall victim to lust as the humans do. If werewolves were to survive as well, where would that take us? A war?

I escaped from hell long before the gates had been thrown open. I arrived long before the country I reside in now was even established. I had been trained to reach the height of my seduction powers from a mere glance. It was like a feast. I had been surprisingly optimistic and cheery for a person of my kind.

However, I feel now as though those days can never be recalled again. Asgard is the only place for me to be. And yet I cannot help but feel at risk and vulnerable here. The others are dark and evil radiates from them, making it almost impossible to feel anything but pure rage all the time.

I don't know where fate will take me, but it can't be anywhere near where it used to be."
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Dusty Tape Recorder
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