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 Wolf Weapons and Items

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Kyo Fornita

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PostSubject: Wolf Weapons and Items   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:02 pm


Extended titanium claws- Retractable claws that add and increase to both damage and reach. $600

Battle-Axe- A heavy axe, usually used with two hands. $700

Morning Star- A spiked mace. The sphere is attached with a sturdy chain to increase the reach of this weapon, though this can also cause self-injury in some cases. $700

Naginata- A pole weapon with sharp blades at both ends. $800

Two-handed claymore- Sharp and deadly, this type of sword has laid waste to many a demon. $1000

Sai- A set of 2. Small but dangerous, Great for countering attacks from other swords, but the user must be very skilled. $1200

Heaven's Will- A long sword used for swift striking. While powerful, it can be broken easily by a commendable foe. $1500

Excalibur- One of the heaviest and most powerful swords ever. The blade is wider than most swords and, although it is slow, the Excalbiur is impossible to break. $2000

The Hammer of Thor- A massive hammer rcreated from Viking tradition. It can crush the skull of a human into dust. $2000


Potion- 100


None available.


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Wolf Weapons and Items
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