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 Magic and Weapons

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Kyo Fornita

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PostSubject: Magic and Weapons   Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:43 pm


Shurikens- Throwing stars with deadly blades. $600

Katana- A longsword, perfect for combat with the Hunters. $800

Halberd- A pole weapon with a a thick, sharp blade at the end. $1000

Trident- A pole weapon with three points at the end. $1200

Double Broadsword- Two broadswords used for a combination of lethal, slicing attacks. $1500

Serpent's Tongue- A weapon so strong it is able to slice through diamonds. The end of the tip splits into two seperate points, reminiscent of a snake's tongue. $2000

Titan Blade- A blade blessed with the power of the titans itself, this weapon is used by all three of them and is capable of horrific destruction. The sword is very heavy and is only recommended to those strong and skilled enough to use it. The Titan Blade is serrated and therefore causes extreme damage wherever the opponent is struck with it. The hilt carries 9 hideously pointy daggers, which are perfect for anyone who has mastered the use of Telekinesis or Telepathy. $2500 (You may only buy this weapon if you have been a member for 2 months)


Fire- Control of the element fire. $600

Water- Control of the element water. $600

Lightning- Control of the element lightning. $800

Earth- Control of the element Earth. $800

Telepathy- Move objects with your mind and create force shields around yourself to protect you from harm. $800. For another $500, you can learn how to isolate your ability and read people's minds. $800 or $1300 with mind-reading training.

Telekinesis- The invisible forces you can manipulate are stronger with telekinesis than they are with telepathy. You are also given the ability to fly. $1000


Potion- 100


None available


Strengthen anyone of your weapons with silver too add extra damage to werewolves! $300 per weapon.


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Magic and Weapons
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