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 A Tattered Little Book

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Ilana Kaysen


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PostSubject: A Tattered Little Book   Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:08 pm

My mom always told me that I ought to keep a journal, just so I would have something to look back on when I got older. This little leather book should keep her soul happy, I guess. I was surprised that I found it in such good condition, with only a little water damage and most of the pages still blank. For the record, I don't ask for much. My day to day life consists of rooting around in the junkyard now and then, just in case something valuable has turned up, and venturing out at night to sell what I find or at least find someone to talk to for a while. It isn't a whole hell of a lot, but its a living. I like to call myself a junkyard dog. I live alone in a pretty run-down apartment in the slums, which would explain why I'm so close to the city dump. I never knew my father, but my mom passed when I was only 14. They were both werewolves. I don't have any siblings that I know of, but I've been thinking lately of trying to find my dad, just to see what he looks like. I have this sort of glorified, knight in shining armor image, even though he left mom, and I'm hoping that maybe he'll at least want to see me, to know I exist. For now, my searching just consists of asking around to see if anyone knew him, or knows him, but maybe if I can get enough money from hawking stuff from the junkyard, I can afford to travel a little more.

I don't really have much to say, but I'll try to keep up to date.

Bye for now,
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A Tattered Little Book
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