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 Lucifer/Death (TITAN PROFILE)

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PostSubject: Lucifer/Death (TITAN PROFILE)   Sun Jun 07, 2009 9:27 am

Name: Lucifer, sometimes referred to as Death

Race: Demon

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, believed to be millions of years.

Height: 14'3"

Weight: 3000 lbs


Head: Formed out of near-indestructable rock and magma, Lucifer's head is cold-looking and ominous. His eyes glow with the magma that runs through his veins, burning sockets that can see right through your soul. The rock looks like black steel, giving his head an almost metallic look. His teeth are massive and sharp, all of them large fangs. They are big enough to bite a human's head clean off, though the Titans have more refined ways of killing... usually. There are two horns protruding upwards from his forehead, ending in deadly points. His tongue is long and orange, capable of causing severe burns. It is quite sharp and can be used as a weapon in very close ranges.

Torso: Huge and hulking, Lucifer's chest and stomach are covered with plates of massive rock, magma seeping out through it whenever he is injured to form another layer of protection. His heart is so large that it can be heard beating by a human 200 metres away.

Arms: Giant, bulging arms capable of massive destruction. There are detachable spikes on his forearms which can regrow and be thrown at any time. His hands are the size of two human heads, fingernails like small, unforgiving daggers. Even his knuckles have spikes on them.


Lucifer, being over 14 feet tall, has extremely powerful legs. He can run massive distances without getting tired, and one kick fro his clawed feet could rip a human in half before they even knew what was coming.

Alternate appearance: Lucifer's true demonic form (detailed above) only comes out when he is in a rage or fighting a battle against a worthy opponent. It is also used as an intimidation tactic. Usually, he looks like a human. The only difference is that his skin is flaming orange, small bursts of flame often erupting from him. His eyes in this form are pure white, and he is only 5'10". This form displays only 25% of his full power, still enough to destroy an army of humans without blinking an eye.

Personality: Lucifer is extremely intelligent and has a legendary tactical mind. He has authority above the other two Titans (only slightly) and is an excellent war strategist. He was an instrumental part in taking over Earth. Being near omnipotent, he regards himself highly and does not tolerate disrespect. Lucifer is a bloodthirsty soul who proudly claims to be the humans' worst enemy. It is for this reason that he took on the name Lucifer in the first place, modelling himself after the devil.

History: See Journal

Residence: Asgard


'You people don't understand. I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me.'
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Lucifer/Death (TITAN PROFILE)
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