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 The Beginning

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Kyo Fornita

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PostSubject: The Beginning   Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:12 pm

Extracts from a survivor's Journal, now living in Chicago;

The world has changed. We brought ourselves to the day of Judgement through our sins, our corruption, our lawless natures. Billions were slaughtered in gruesome, indescribably horrific ways, and yet I envy them, for surely the place which they are in now is better than the Hell we survivors have been forced to walk through every day. The world has changed.

We started the countdown clock to doomsday so many years ago and my memory is blurred. It seems like it has been 30 years since the first Signs started to show, though it may have only been 20. I have lived in Chicago all my life, and the story of mankind's descent into near-extinction started here, in the fabled 'windy city'. Perhaps the gusts of wind from the flapping of an Angel's wing, dutily guarding the city? The Angels must have all left, as there was no one to distinguish between innocents and criminals when the attacks came. They were all murdered. There is no justice in this world of ours.

I witnessed the first Sign. Maybe I am one of the people who could have prevented this, but out of sheer pig-headedness, I let it happen. A man named Richard Lionheart was the first sign. He was a priest in the local church. Old. Fragile. He claimed to have seen a dream, in which the Angel Gabriel told him that humans were becoming too sinful, and if their evil ways continued there would be repercussions of an unexplainable magnitude.

And so Gabriel gave Lionheart a mission. He rested mankind's future onto the poor priest's shoulders and told him to spread the message of his dream. If he made a change to the world, he would be honoured in this world and the Garden of Eden. If he failed, he would die just like the rest of them. I was one of the first people this man came to. He told me, almost hysterical, about the impending doom. What did I do? I laughed. I laughed at him and his story. I told him to get out of my house and tell his cock-and-bull story to someone who cared. That was the last I saw of one of the greatest martyrs to ever bless the Earth, tears streaming down his eyes.

I had not forgotten what he had said to me, and as the months went by I fearfully noticed that his predictions, his warnings, had started to come to life. Lionheart explained that corruption in our world was rife and that more sins were being committed each and every day. Thus the seven deadly sins grew stronger and more common within our lives. Lionheart told me that, for the breaking point of each sin, something terrible would happen to the world. He was right. One by one, the breaking point of each deadly sin was reached...

Lust brought forth the arrival of a deadly, incurable disease, which striked down the adulterers, fornicaters, rapists, paedophiles and lust-filled beings of the world. Millions of people died, the death toll of the disease rising every hour.

Gluttony led to a famine which affected half of the world, especially Africa and Asia. Countless died due to starvation. It was the poor that this sin killed, though only the rich could possibly commit gluttony. They killed these people, and with no apparent conscience that their deeds took innocent lives, they were subjected to the curse and punishment of...

Greed. The world faced the worst economic crisis in history. The value of money lowered until it was worth barely anything. Suddenly, all the rich folk of the world realised their money was useless. They were killed, one by one, by desperate criminals. Crime rates skyrocketed.

The sins of Sloth and Wrath were connected. When Sloth became over-abundant, a war was started. Nobody knows why or how it begun. All they knew was that, if they didn't fight in the war, the government would imprison their families. Forced to fight in a pointless war, Wrath reached it's breaking point. The effects of the war were magnified tenfold, leaving nothing but death, devastation and destruction in it's wake.

After the war, people started to take things into their own hands. The sin of Pride caused the beautiful people of the world to become targets. They were killed out of jealousy, punished for being immodest, lacking even an ounce of humbleness. The world descended into Chaos as the effects of the final sin struck.

Envy. Mankind has disrespected the Earth and it's environment, causing pollution everywhere it goes. As punishment for not valuing one of God's favourite creations, the humans were punished by being introduced to creatures who had been forced to live in a rotting world for all of time. Now they were given Earth, as humans could not seem to take care of it. A meteor shone in the sky and for a moment, it looked like it was passing by. But it grew larger within seconds until finally, it hit. The impact killed almost 90% of the population, only a few areas of land being spared the explosion. The gates of hell were unlocked with the meteor and literally millions of demons came crawling out of the crater the meteor had left. They spread quickly, killing any survivors they could find, feasting on their flesh and making trophies out of their heads. Never had I witnessed such savagery; did the Lord think we were as bad as the vermin he had sent to punish us?

The survivors fled from the demons, finding shelter anywhere they could. Word spread of Chicago becoming a haven for all humans, and so we had thousands of people coming in every hour. I have no idea what the population is right now, but it is definitely above 5 million. That would explain why the city seems so cramped now.

Chicago became a safe place for humans because of the involvement of creatures who I do not find trustworthy at all. They helped build a massive wall around Chicago to prevent any Demon intrusions, though I believe they have their own purposes. After all, they come from the same place as the demons, why would they have different intensions? Unfortunately, the president trusts them. Maybe to just give the people hope. I was forced to shake hands with one of these, the denizens of the deepest, darkest depths of Hades itself; Werewolves.

Due to our own barbaric natures, we are being punished. Punished for all the crimes we have committed against ourselves. We live in this world, hoping death greets us before we wake, but when it doesn't... We walk on Hell for another day.
- David Herwitz, 25/12/2018


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The Beginning
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