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 Resting in the Trees

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Ilana Kaysen


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PostSubject: Resting in the Trees   Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:21 pm

Ciaran perched lazily on a high tree branch, splashes of red staining his golden-tanned skin. His jagged teeth still held the traces of his last kill, and they were bared now in a hellish grin. He had eaten well, and wouldn't need to hunt for food for a while. Granted, that didn't exactly mean that he wouldn't hunt simply for fun.

A light breeze stirred the otherwise still branches of the tall forest trees, and Ciaran turned his face to the wind, enjoying the feel of it. It reminded him of flight. Many humans dreamed of being able to fly, so it was almost ironic that a demon such as Ciaran would be enabled to do so.

The forest was nearly silent. Few animals would stay here, sensing the dark energies of the place. He would stay here for a while before wandering off again to find a new nighttime roost.
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Resting in the Trees
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