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 The Faction Boards

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PostSubject: The Faction Boards   Sun Mar 15, 2009 3:57 pm

There are 3 boards under the Faction category. However, only one will be visible to you, and this group will be the one to which you belong. Half-breeds will not see any forum under the Faction category until they have made their allegiance clear to one of the admins.

In these forums, you can make plans, which the moderator of the board will put forward to the admin. For example, if the demons want a plan to invade Chicago, they will discuss it in their forum and, if popular enough, the idea will go to an admin. If the plan is approved, you can start roleplaying it out. If the plan is not approved, then back to the drawing board.

This is just a tool to create more rp situations that have something to do with the storyline. If you want to be a mod of one of the forums, PM me or Julia.


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The Faction Boards
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