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PostSubject: Allegiance   Sun Mar 15, 2009 4:08 pm

This topic should only apply to Half-breeds, though I will include some information on the other races too.

Demons are extremely loyal to their own kind and the Titans. They despise humans -and- werewolves, and friendships between the races are difficult. This is because contact between large amounts of human has finished since the great walls of Chicago were built. However, demons can interact with werewolves, humans and even half-breeds who wander the wastelands.

Werewolves accept humans, though occasionally some tensions may rise. Humans are fearful of the unknown, and werewolves refuse to be studied by human scientists. Many friendships blossom between Humans and Werewolves, and it is becoming increasingly common to see Werewolf/Human couples. Werewolves feelings towards Half-breeds can vary; some may feel sympathy, others may feel that the half-breeds deserve to die because of their demonic taint. Though werewolves protect humans, they will generally be more protective of their own race, especially their young.

Humans are becoming more open and accepting towards Werewolves too, though some remain fearful and untrusting. Humans consider demons the greatest threat on the planet and this opinion seeps over onto their view of half-breeds. Half-breeds are extremely adept at blending themselves in with humans though, and not even werewolves can tell them apart. However, it is extremely difficult for a half-breed to get into Chicago.

Half-breeds can give their allegiance to one of two races; Human or Demon. Most half-breeds face ridicule and slander from demons, and intense hatred from humans, so they are unaware of which side to choose. Some join together to create a small but dangerous group of half-breeds. They wander the wasteland and slaughter anyone who crosses their path.


If you are a demon, your allegiance will be to the demons, though you can make acquaintances with werewolves and/or humans.

If you are a werewolf, you can form deep relationships with all races besides demons.

If you are a human, you can form deep relationships with all races besides demons.

If you are a half-breed, you need to choose either a neutral allegiance, an allegiance with Humans, or an allegiance with Demons.

If you are extremely interested in a demon/human coupling, PM me or Julia and we could try to work something out (these ust be rare though and very few will be accepted)


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